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Cultural Arts Free Music Chamber Series



Patterson/Sutton Duo

Kimberly Patterson (cello), Patrick Sutton (guitar)



Bulk Pickup Begins 4/2

Storm Cleanup


In an effort to assist in a Townshipwide storm cleanup, Monroe’s DPW crews will be collecting fallen branches starting Monday, March 19 at 7 a.m. and continue the collection over the course of several days.

To ensure pick up, DPW is requesting residents place branches, six inches in diameter or less, at the curb no later than Monday morning at 7 a.m.

The Department’s regular brush pick up and yard waste program will resume April 2.

For further information, contact a representative from Monroe’s Department of Public Works at 732-656-4575.

Municipal Channels Now on Fios


Verizon Fios Customers Can Now Watch Municipal and School Programming on Channel 32 and Channel 40. 

For Comcast Customers, the Public Access Programming will Continue to Air on Channel 28.


Library Events

Upcoming Library Events

Egg Hunt 2018

Ongoing County Flu Clinics

Between now and the end of April, the Middlesex County Office of Health Services will hold walk-in flu clinics every Wednesday at the public health center, 596 Jersey Ave., in New Brunswick from 2 to 3 p.m., as well as every Wednesday at 29 Oakwood Ave. in Edison from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Any resident interested in learning more is encouraged to contact the Middlesex County Office of Health Services at 732-745-3100.


Community Garden Application

The Friends of the Monroe Township Community Garden are still accepting applications for the 2018 growing season. Plots can be reserved for a $30 annual fee. Please print out and complete the application below. Return a scanned copy to or by mail to 1 Municipal Plaza, Monroe NJ 08831 in care of the "Friends of the Monroe Township Community Garden." Please view the application or go to for further details.

Police Unity Tour Fundraiser April 28


Support our Policeman’s Benevolent Association Local 255 as they prepare for their upcoming Police Unity Tour to raise awareness of Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty. Tickets for their next upcoming April 28 fundraiser are on sale now at:

Property Fraud Alert Service

Middlesex County Clerk’s Property Alert Service

In an effort to prevent property fraud, Middlesex County Clerk’s Office is now offering a free property alert service.  The service will notify property owners via email any time a document affecting the property is recorded by the Clerk’s Office. To register a name or business, along with an email address, log onto and search “property alert.”  For further details, contact a program representative at 732-745-3364 or 732-745-3365.

Perrineville Road Closure

The County of Middlesex has scheduled the replacement of Bridge 5-B-131 on County Road 625/Perrineville Road, located between Mills Road and Monroe Self Storage. The construction is set to begin on or about Feb. 1 and continue through December 2018.

The project requires a full road closure of Perrineville Road from Federal Road to Route 33 with a posted detour to Applegarth Road. Local access to residents and businesses will be maintained throughout the project.

ANT Landscaping and Falcon Lake Day Camp-from the Perrineville & Federal intersection will follow the local access route.

Monroe Self Storage, J. Gatarz & Sons, Make-A-Wish, Monroe 33 Sports Center and Baker’s American Bar & Grill will all be accessible from Route 33.

Any questions regarding this project should be directed to James Buczek, P.E., Project Manager at (732) 671-6400, ext 9441 or Middlesex County Office of Engineering at (732) 745-3283.

Senior Center Offers AARP Tax Prep Program

The Monroe Township Senior Center is now accepting appointments from low-to-moderate income residents wishing to have their tax returns prepared through the free on-site AARP program.  Starting Feb. 5, AARP volunteers will be at the Senior Center, the organization's fourth largest preparation site in the state, each Monday and Wednesday preparing simple tax returns. Transportation for this service is available at select days and times.

 For more information or to book an appointment, contact Senior Center representative, Rosanna, at 609-448-7140.  This year's deadline to submit taxes without an extension is Tuesday, April 17.

Better Business Bureau Releases Top Scams of 2017


Advisory: The Better Business Bureau Releases Top Scams of 2017. Read to Prevent Becoming Victim to These Common Scams.

According to the Better Business Bureau the following are the Top Scams of 2017. Many are new twists on existing scams, but scammers become more sophisticated every year in how they spoof trusted brands and how they fool consumers.

1. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - Scammers posing as IRS agents claim you owe back taxes and threaten lawsuits and arrest if payment is not sent immediately. Keep in mind, the IRS does not make threatening phone calls, nor do you send payment via unconventional methods such as gift cards or wire transfer.

2. Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes - Winning the sweepstakes, dream vacation, large amounts of money, a new car, shopping spree or new technology sounds great especially if you didn’t enter to win. Unexpected prize and lottery scams rely on your excitement to lure you into paying fees for your prize or and typically require that you provide your personal information with the intent of compromising your identity. Remember, you should never have to pay fees for winning a prize. You will also never win a lottery you never entered.

3. Government Grant - Victims receive a phone call, email or letter stating they qualified for a government grant, but to receive the grant you must pay the processing and/or delivery fee via wire transfer or prepaid debit card. Never send money by wire transfer or prepaid debit card to somebody you don’t know or haven’t met in person.

4. Auto Warranty - You receive a letter in the mail that your auto warranty has expired, but you have a limited amount of time to extend your warranty for a low cost. Often times you’ll receive more than one letter that extends the time for you to get that low price. Check with before purchasing another warranty from a company.

5. Tech Support - Consumers are being targeted by fraudsters pretending to be well-known tech support companies. Victims are contacted with a message on their computer that a virus has been detected and to “fix” the problem, a phone number or website is given to purchase an anti-virus computer via debit or credit card. Computer manufacturers will not contact you to let you know if there is a problem with your computer.

6. Phishing/Smishing - You receive an email or text telling you that you’ve won a contest, a business or someone posing as an official at your place of employment needs to verify your personal information, such as your Social Security number. Never click on links or open attachments from unsolicited emails and never provide personal information without first verifying the source.

7. Employment - Scammers advertise a job opening or guarantee job placement if you pay a fee to cover the cost it takes to place you in a job. However, after you pay, there’s no job and you are out of money. Remember, if a potential employer asks you to pay the company to cover the costs of testing, training or background checks, consider it a red flag.

8. Advance Fee Loan - Advance fee lenders charge an upfront fee and will “guarantee” you a loan despite your credit history and chances are you won’t get your money back. Legitimate financial organizations will always check your credit history. A lender who isn’t interested in your credit history is an immediate red flag.

9. Bogus Online Retailers - You see a highly sought-after item for a discounted price or a puppy too cute for words. You wire the money or pay via pre-paid credit card. The money is gone, you have no items, and the retailer is nowhere to be found. Always use caution when dealing with unfamiliar online retailers. Read reviews at to make sure you are dealing with a business you can trust.

10. Medicaid/Medicare Scam - You are contacted by a government authority who claims they wish to send you a free gift for updating your account information. You soon discover you never received the gift and your identity has been compromised. Never provide personally identifiable information to an unsolicited phone call or email without first verifying the source.

11. Travel/Vacation Scams - Con artists post listings for properties that either aren’t for rent, don’t exist, or are significantly different than pictured. They then lure in vacationers with the promise of low fees and great amenities. Another common travel scam is the timeshare resale con. A timeshare owner who is looking to sell gets a call from someone claiming to be a real estate broker or agent. These scammers claim to specialize in timeshare resales and promise they have buyers ready to purchase. To secu re this service, the scammer pressures the target into paying an upfront fee. The timeshare owner pays up, but the reselling agent never delivers. You should never pay for a vacation rental by prepaid debit card or wire transfer. These payments are the same as sending cash. Remember, if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t.

12. Identity Theft – These scams are designed to either steal your money now, or steal your identity now in order to steal your money later. Scammers have all kinds of techniques to collect personally identifiable information. Once they have it, they can effectively become you, using your identity to open accounts, file taxes, or obtain medical coverage. Look for unexplained withdrawals, charges, and accounts. Also, check your credit reports regularly for unauthorized inquiries and accounts.

13. Phony Debt Collection - The scammer calls and tells you that they work for a loan company, law firm or government agency, and claims to be collecting an overdue payment. When you reply that you don’t owe money, the “debt collector” starts to make threats of suing you, having your wages garnished, arresting you, or forcing you to appear in court thousands of miles from home. Despite the threats, these "debt collectors" don't have any legal power. In most cases, the alleged overdue loan do esn't even exist. Don't give in and pay money you don't owe. If you do, the scammer will likely be back for more.

14. “Can You Hear Me?” - You get a call from someone who almost immediately asks “Can you hear me?” Their goal is to get you to answer “Yes,” which most people would do instinctively in that situation. There may be some fumbling around; the person may even say something like “I’m having trouble with my headset.” But in fact, the “person” may just be a robocall recording your conversation… and that “Yes” answer you gave can later be edited to make it sound like you authorized a major purchase. Use Caller ID to screen calls, and consider not even answering unfamiliar numbers. If it’s important, they will leave a message and you can call back. If someone calls and asks “Can you hear me?”, do NOT answer “yes.” Just hang up.

For additional information regarding scams prevention and tips visit

JCP&L Tree Maintenance Around Monroe


JCP&L has scheduled tree trimming and maintenance in Monroe Township beginning the week of January 16. This work includes trimming limbs away from electrical wires and electrical facilities, which will help reduce service problems and outages for our residents.




NJ Veteran Income Tax Exemption

New Jersey veterans, who were honorably discharged before the last day of the tax year, are now eligible for a $3,000 exemption on their income tax returns.  More details, including documentation required to qualify, can be found at:

Residents may also download the following PDF submission FORM, along with return instructions at the bottom half of the form, by clicking on the link above.

Home Energy Assistance


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps very low-income residents with their heating and cooling bills and makes provisions for emergency heating system services and emergency fuel assistance within the Home Energy Assistance Program.  Learn more about applying, including eligibility requirements and local community action agencies, on the State's Department of Community Affairs website. 


Residents can also find more information or locate their nearest application agency by calling an Energy Assistance Program representative toll-free at 1-800-510-3102.

Other possible resources: or or also call 1-800-662-3115.

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